MonthPlanner 3.0.7-Thời gian biểu cho cả tháng

Công cụ hữu hiệu giúp các bác lên lịch làm việc, dung lượng nhỏ nên chạy rất nhanh, hỗ trợ copy’n paste…, mời các bác nghiên cứu thêm ở description phía dưới

  • Allow efficient management of the events' and 'to do's' through common data sharing with the built-in Datebook’ and `ToDo List’ applications.

  • Support Category option for an event' item as well as to do’ item.

  • Allow you to conveniently glance over the entire month for events' and to do’s’ with wide calendar screen and rotational icons. (Also support high-resolution icons)

  • Filtering' function allows display of the events’ and `to dos’ based on selected category and /or priorities.

  • You can easily move or copy your events', to dos’ and/or `cells’ by Drag & Drop for each item.

  • Small size of the application (only 81 kb) allows quick execution and less burden on memory management.

  • Better readability' by allowing user option to select all description colors for events’ and `to dos’.

  • Allows option for user to selectively change colors for all items on the calendar.

  • You can also set colors of all calendar items.

  • Intuitive user interfaces and the pop-up menus make it easy for the user.

  • Support NVFS file system (Treo650, T5)

  • Provides `D-Day’ management.

  • Support category icon feature


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