Helmi BA WM2k5 AKU3.0 Beta (v.1.1 Beta)

Mấy hôm nay Helmi up ROM AKU3.0 Beta bên XDA-developers mà sao không thấy bác nào thử up rồi cho review cái nhỉ.

  1. Ramdisk 32mb (just plain Ramdisk no more experimental crap)
  2. Storage Card Extended_ROM (Create ExtROM dir on ur Storage Card) so u can hv full size wm storage.
  3. MMS Composer v3.0.16.6 Built On ROM, send/receive Ok mp4, 3gp,jpg,etc (Just need to Enable with MMS_Enable.cab, included in Extrom Pack)
  4. Album v.3.0 (Built 17747)
  5. Camera v.2.21 (Built 19307) Record Video/Picture and Send to MMS Ok (when sending picture the dialog might dont hv a caption on MMS)
  6. PocketMSN, Hotmail Ok.
  7. Wifi/BT/Ir Ok.
  8. No limitation on installin App (no problem when installin SPB Plus etc)
  9. ActiveSync Ok.
  10. Extra App Built in. (Data Backup, Flight Mode, Phm Registry, etc)
  11. Speed tweakin enable, sorry for the Beta 1 release I dont include speed tweakin. this release is included now…
  12. Mp4, Amr, Wav, wma, as ringtone is workin now.
  13. New Shell Icon (Control Panel, Folder, etc).
  14. BTA2DP WORK see attachment.

Known issues:

  1. There no internal integration beetween Comm Manager and Wifi, cos Different Driver beetween Wizard & BA.
  2. Sometimes System complain about missing Pimg app (I’ve strip them out, cos its useless)
  3. When BT On, IR On, WIFI On, ActiveSync On, the tray might flick.
  4. Some help file and Some Silly Picture/images has been strip out from the ROM to create space for more usefull app.


  1. Disable Sound (Sound & Notification >> Events) might help system speed.
  2. Disable Sound in phone (Phone Settings >> Keypad >> Off) might help phone speed.

been use it for 4 days now… seems stable…btw its still beta, and might be not suitable for daily use, input is welcome…

download here:
or here

thanks micmeo ur really helpfull…thanks!.
For anyone download before please re-upgrade ur ROM with the newest one, since the previous AKU.3.0 has a critical bug. (missing files)

Please read the readme file, I dont hv time to update Wiki page, I think the information in Readme file is enough to flash ur rom and since no ‘real’ extended rom so no further preparation is needed, but u might consider to make ur old Extended_ROM size to 128kb to make more storage space for ur device.

Btw The EXTROM folder is included Indonesian GPRS/MMS Setting, if u not Indonesian just delete it and change with ur county/region setting CAB, just follow the ilustrated method on the Cfg.txt/Autoconfig.txt file to make changes that suite ur need.

sorry for the late update guys… been busy with work…
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