Sync Emulator với Palm Desktop

Em đọc thấy cái này trên HB++ 4rum, cũng chưa có điều kiện test nữa, các bác xem thử nhé, dùng để sync emulator với palm Desktiop:p

Idea It’s handy to test your conduits on PalmOS emulator (aka POSE), rather than on a real device. To hotsync POSE with your desktop, follow these instructions:

Arrow Enable the ‘Network’ option for PalmDesktop (right click on the hotsync icon in the system tray, check Network)

Arrow Set your Emulator Hotsync options to sync using ‘lansync’:

From the POSE hotsync application, select the:

Modem Sync Prefs menu item : set it to Network
LANSync prefs menu item : set it to LANSync
Primary PC setup menu item : set the Primary PC Name to localhost, Primary PC address to

Arrow Then, from the main screen, choose the Modem push button (default is Local), just above the Hotsync graphical button, in the center of the form. Then, choose an existing ‘Service’, using the selector control, just below the hotsync graphical button. You’ don’t need to enter a phone number…

Arrow Click the Hotsync graphical button and …tada! The hotsync process must starts…


The HB++ team