MobSync - không biết có nóng hổi không

[size=4]MobSync v.0.94[/size]
MobSync is a software allowing any file folder synchronization from the Pocket PC onto the desktop–synchronization which cannot be done with ActiveSync.
So, with this software you can synchronize any file folder on your Pocket PC (not necessarily \My Documents) with any file folder on your desktop (not necessarily \Pocket_PC My Documents either). It works well and now that it is translated in english it is a must have. Pay attention to very big files, it may stop in the middle of the process and fail to copy (just like ActiveSync).

Túm lại, MobSync cho phép sync files bất kỳ chổ nào trên PPC với bất kỳ chổ nào trên PC, không phải mặc định như ActiveSync. Vậy là có thể thoải mái hơn.
Download here (free)
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