Heroes 0.03 alpha

Heroes 0.03 alpha for Pocket PC



Here you have the first alpha version of Pocket Heroes game. Unfortunately, this is just an alpha, i.e. this version does not contain full featured game play.


  • Simplified AI (full featured AI almost done);
  • No seafaring;
  • No magic (sorry, but it still under development);
  • No walls and other fortifications in case of siege of a castle;
  • Multiplayer mode isn’t available;
  • No map editor (it’s available but not ready to release);
  • This version requires device with WM2002, WM2003, WM2003SE or WM2005 operating system;
  • Scope of minor flows (peculiar to alpha version) …

How to install

  1. Unrar “PocketHeroes_003a.rar” archive
  2. Copy all extracted files to any folder in your PocketPC device, for example \Storage Card\PocketHeroes\
  3. Run “hmm_ppc2002.exe” for PPC2002 devices or “hmm_ppc.exe” for devices with newer operating system
  4. Write feedback :wink:

Game tips

  • Use hmm.cfg file to customize game settings (including language and hardware keys mapping);
  • Pocket Heroes saves your game automatically to the last slot;
  • Try to use hardware keys :slight_smile:

Whats new in v0.03a

  • Fixed the problem with gold and other resources leak.
  • Vampires and ghosts don’t resurect after hitting undeads, golems and elementals
  • ‘Lich Cloud’ doesn’t affect undeads, golems and elementals.
  • Undead, golems and elementals are immune to the ‘Lich Cloud’ attack.
  • Fixed the problem with “one ressurected skeleton”.
  • After fleeing, the heroe appears with only one first-level creature.
  • Fixed the bug, causing game crash after clicking the ‘End Turn’ button or saving.
  • A “scrollbar” added to the list of towns and heroes.
  • This version now supports PPC2002.
  • Two-checks creatures no longer get stuck after depassing the battlefield.
  • If there is no room in the garrison while you are trying to recruit creatures, a message will be displayed.
  • Lowerd the amount or resources at the beginning of the game
  • Dead creatures of the same kind are calculated together afrer the battle.
  • Fixed the problem in which the hero was moving while the tutorial button was held.
  • A toolbar added at the top. Now you can always see the game date (Month/Week/Day) and the battery charge.
  • Now, in order to choose the path to the building, just to click anywhere on it.
  • And some other bugfixes.

Woaaaa !!! Thích cái này cực kì luôn… cám ơn bác nhiều lắm. Bao giờ có bản full bác update dùm em luôn nha :stuck_out_tongue:
PS: Không biết đời nào mới có Heroes 3 nhỉ :smiley:

bản này chạy cũng chẳng khác già bản cũ mấy…kể tác giả làm thêm vài cái map nữa thì hay hơn…!

Cái này ko có tiếng hả các đại ca, em cài vào chẳng thấy tiếng đâu cả. vào phần Setting thì tối om ko vào đựoc

hix, đây là games hồi nhỏ mình thích … tiếc là ko dùng phép được. Chừng nào mới có phiên bản mới. Hy vọng bạn sẽ update liên tục nha

Bao giờ có bản Full nhớ Post lên cho anh em nhé, tuyệt thật.