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Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Mobile is a convenient and reliable solution that protects smartphones from malicious programs that target mobile platforms.

Viruses, worms and Trojans have spread beyond personal computers. With the growing popularity of smartphones and communicators (that are essentially small computers), malicious programs for mobile devices are appearing in increasing numbers and diversity.

In developing Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile we have combined the latest Kaspersky Lab technologies to protect mobile platforms with our long experience of working in the antivirus field. This solution offers effective protection for your smartphone and personal data from malicious programs.
Malware for Mobiles

What can malware do to your smartphone?

  • Send mass SMS and MMS messages or dial premium rate numbers without your knowledge ¨C all billed to you
  • Delete your personal information (e.g., address book, file, etc.) or steal confidential information
  • Disable functions on the phone (SMS, games, camera, etc.) or completely disable the whole device
  • Use up the phone’s battery much faster than usual
  • Send infected files to people in your name (via email, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Transfer malicious code from the smartphone to a PC upon connection

How can malware reach your mobile?

  • Via Bluetooth connections
  • In MMS messages
  • When downloading a program to the smartphone from an unreliable source
    Product update

Installation instructions

Product Advantages

Reliable and effective.
Real-time antivirus scanning ensures complete security for your smartphone and all data stored on it.

Fast and discreet.
Feel free to make calls, send SMS, read email and share files. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile works discreetly and uses your phone’s resources economically. This solution works well, even on the slowest smartphone models.

Simple and easy to use.
Even the most inexperienced smartphone users will find it easy to manage Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile. The user interface is user-friendly and understandable.

*On-demand scanning. You can launch a scan of your mobile at any time. Scanning the memory of a mobile device takes several minutes at most. It is possible to focus scanning on memory cards, individual folders and files. If an infected object is detected, it is stored in the quarantine folder or deleted.
*On-access scanning All incoming or modified SMS, MMS and email items are automatically scanned for malicious programs. The product also monitors executable files arriving via Bluetooth and other connection channels.
*On-schedule scanning. You can pre-set the best time for antivirus scanning (for example, at night). Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile removes any infected objects and stores suspicious objects in quarantine. You have the option of viewing reports on suspicious objects and making the final decision.
*Antispam for SMS/EMS/MMS. Telephone numbers of spam sources can easily be added to a blacklist to ensure that such messages are always blocked. You can also add addresses from your contact list to a safe list.
*Automatic updates. The Kaspersky Lab Virus Lab constantly updates databases on the server with new virus samples. Antivirus databases on the phone can be updated on schedule (at intervals set by the user). By default, the databases update automatically once a week. Updates are available via WAP / HTTP (GPRS, EDGE, 3G) or with the aid of a PC.

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